Teahouse Exclusives

With Teahouse Exclusives we have a unique line of hand-picked tea. Loose tea, luxury pouches or organic. We have the right solution for every type of location.

The distinguishing feature of TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES is the unique aroma of each tea: Traditional favorites and exceptional delicacies that give a special touch to each variety.
The combination of the best tea, delicate scents, herbs, spices, flowers and dried fruits makes this concept unique. Of course we support every line with beautiful displays, table cards and crockery!

Gourmet Tea Bag

The Gourmet Tea Bag is the always popular pyramid tea bag. A fine selection of black tea, green tea and herbal tea with fruit. This unique mix with subtle aromas is a true stimulation of the senses. Within the Gourmet line we have 12 flavors and a bag contains 1.5 to 2 grams of tea. The Gourmet tea is very competitive in terms of cost! Very suitable for lunchrooms, offices and coffee bars!

Luxury Tea Bag

The showpiece of our tea line. Beautiful luxury “fleece” pouches that are carefully sewn by hand. This gives the tea the space it needs to unfold, but also shows the beautiful and carefully selected teas.
Individually wrapped to protect the aromas, so the tea is always fresh.
This tea is ideal for hotels, lunchrooms, restaurants, lunchrooms and coffee bars!
When you serve the Deluxe pouch, you can be sure that your guests will come back for a cup of tea!

Also ideal for a high tea, because the bag contains 3.5 grams of tea, you can even make a tea pot!

Luxury Loose Tea

Teahouse Exclusives loose tea is a combination of quality, coarsely cut, beautifully colored and exceptional ingredients. The Flavor Bag provides the perfect storage. This ziplock bag with its simple yet effective closing mechanism not only provides long-lasting aroma protection for the magical compositions with their intricate harmonies, but the window also offers a clear view of the exclusive contents. The connoisseur can choose from 36 excellent types of loose tea. Of course we have various presentation options. Serve at the table with a tea box and beautiful storage tins! The luxurious loose leaf tea is ideal for hotels, high tea, lunchrooms, coffee bars, restaurants and grand cafes.

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