The Frappé2day concept is the solution to add a professional line of iced coffees or milkshakes to your range. With more than 10 variants something for everyone! Unique blends of the finest Arabica beans, exotic spices and refreshing fruits form the basis for our Frappé2day Ice Coffees, Frozen Chocolates, Exotic Milkshakes and Chai Lattes.


With Frappé2day we respond to the current coffee and (freak) milkshake trends.

At any type of location it is now possible to have multiple flavors of iced coffee and (freak)

prepare milkshakes in an instant.


• Fast and easy preparation (slush machines and blenders)

• More flavor, less sugar

• Unique blends

• Ideal to combine with our range of special topping sauces

   and decorations for the best garnish


presentation sells more!


For a freakshake, guests come back.


Dress up the iced coffee or milkshake with whipped cream, sauce and toppings for a real party! Add another kitkat or twix to the whipped cream and the freakshake is complete!


By working with multiple flavors and possibly adding syrups, you create a unique menu like the large coffee chains have been doing for years. Any location can now do this with our products and training.



Frappé2day can be blended individually on order. Or tapped from one of our slush machines at high volumes.


Do you have a high traffic location with high volumes? We also rent out slush machines when purchasing the products!

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