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Do you have a location with a lot of changing staff? A seasonal company with holiday workers, or a (franchise) chain? Guaranteeing consistent quality is always a huge challenge. In this situation it is often decided not to offer Cocktails!

With Clasico cocktails we have the solution to prepare a good quality cocktail quickly and efficiently. The preparation of cocktails is now child's play.

We have developed a cocktail concept with Clasico where you can prepare the perfect cockail in 3 steps. In the preparation, use is made of a shaker and mixing glass that we have developed especially for Clasico Cocktails. The mixing glass has lines for the preparation so that the preparation will always be the same. We have already added the alcohol in the Clasico Cocktails! In the mixing glass you add pineapple juice and ice cubes. The experience is optimal for the guests by shaking.

Preparation in 3 steps:

pour the right amount of cocktail mix into the mixing glass, top
up with pineapple juice and ice cubes,
shake and serve

Of course we have all runners within our range such as Mojito, Pina Colada & Sex on the Beach. But also consider delicious non-alcoholic varieties that are becoming increasingly popular!

We provide an explanation / training on location and offer beautiful cocktail cards to support the sale!

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